Robert LaMattina


Talented entrepreneur, real estate professional & philanthropist

Robert LaMattina is a talented entrepreneur, real estate professional, and philanthropist based in Newport Beach, California. Currently, Robbie is focusing his efforts on behavioral health care. As such, he is the CEO of So Cal Health Care Solutions.

Through So Cal Health Care Solutions, Robbie LaMattina, (and his team) are capable of helping clients all over the nation. The goal is to help their clients recover and move on from drug and alcohol addictions. The experts on Mr. LaMattina’s team understand the debilitating mental health challenges that one faces and the challenges that stem from overcoming them. They are here to help.

As a professional within the industry, Robbie LaMattina noticed a need for more care within this area. In response to this lack, he launched So Cal Health Care Solutions in 2019 his health care management company. The first medical detox program was in Orange County and has since spread to multiple locations. More importantly, the goal was to provide a better kind of treatment for those dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

Robbie LaMattina began his professional journey in behavioral health care, dedicating himself to roles within both nonprofit organizations and the private sector. These endeavors ignited a deep-seated commitment to assisting individuals in achieving improved health and success, inspiring his ongoing dedication to this cause.

As mentioned above, Robert LaMattina is a man of many talents. Robbie is a seasoned entrepreneur focusing on the real estate sector. With a comprehensive understanding of market trends and a knack for identifying opportunities, Robbie has established himself in the industry. His adeptness in navigating complex transactions and his strategic approach to property investments have earned him a reputation for excellence. From residential properties to multi-family properties, Robbie’s portfolio showcases his versatility and proficiency in maximizing returns while mitigating risks. His commitment to delivering exceptional results for his clients and partners has solidified his standing as a trusted advisor in real estate. Whether acquiring properties, managing assets, or spearheading development projects, Robbie LaMattina continues to make significant contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of real estate.

Due to his hard work, Robbie LaMattina has become known for his innovative approach and strategic insight. With a passion for identifying emerging market trends and a drive for success, Robbie has carved out a dynamic career in entrepreneurship. From founding startups to scaling businesses across diverse industries, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to turn ideas into thriving ventures. 

Robbie LaMattina still makes plenty of time for philanthropic endeavors outside of work. Robbie has steadfastly dedicated himself to empowering others to flourish in various capacities throughout his career trajectory. Whether supporting individuals in navigating behavioral health care obstacles or mentoring aspiring business leaders, Robbie’s focus has consistently centered on fostering growth within his community and nurturing the potential of its constituents to reach their fullest potential. Over the years, Robbie has worked with several nonprofit projects, helping to provide resources to those in need around the world. 

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